Our Laboratory : Tohoku University,  Aobayama Campus      
                                  Graduate School of Science
                        Earth Science Building 4th Floor #410
                        6-3, Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba, Sendai
                        Miyagi, Japan 980-8578
                        Tel/ 022-795-6662
                        Fax/ 022-795-6664

                                                    Aobayama Campus map(PDF)
                                                    ↓ Graduate School of Science Campus map

                                from JR Sendai Station (Railway)

                                from Sendai Airport

                                from Narita Airport

                                      from JR Tokyo Station

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              from JR Sendai Station (Railway / JR East))
                   >> Sendai Subway Tozai Line

                       From JR Sendai Station, take the Subway (Tozai Line) bound to "Yagiyama Zoological Park"
                       Get off at "Aobayama" station.
                       Time: Sendai Staion-Aobayama Station: 9min
                           Aobayama Station-Laboratory: 3min
                       Fare: 250JPY

                       Plase check : http://www.kotsu.city.sendai.jp/english/subway/index.html


                   >> Taxi (Taxi pool is grand floor)

                      Destination: Tell or show to taxi driver.
                               "Tohoku Daigaku, Aobayama Campus, Rigaku-Kenkyuuka"
                      Approx. time:15~20 min (Approximate time required depends on the traffic)
                      Fare:      1,500~2,000 JPY 

                             JR Sendai Station map
                             Local bus time table at Sendai Station
                             Bus stops around Sendai Station


              from Sendai Airport
                   >> Sendai Airport Access Line is directly connected to JR Sendai Station.
                                                         (see from JR Sendai Station)
                       Destination:  Sendai Station
                       Approx. time:  17~25 min  
                       Fare:        650 JPY 

                             Sendai Airport
                             Sendai Airport Access line
                             Sendai Airport Bus stops & Taxi Stand

              from Narita Airport

                  There are two ways to reach "Tohoku Shinkansen (superexpress train)" from Narita Airport.

                   >> "Narita Express" is directly connected to JR Tokyo station, and it's very convenient if you
                       have a plan to use "JR East Pass" in Japan. (see from Tokyo Station)
                       Get off point:  Tokyo Station
                       Approx. time:  about 60 min  
                       Fare:        3,020(+/- 200) JPY 

                   >> "Skyliner" on Keisei Line conects Narita Airport and Keisei Ueno Station.
                       Get off point:  Keisei Ueno Station
                       Approx. time:  about 41 min  
                       Fare:        2,470 JPY 
                       *From Keisei Ueno Station, walk to JR Ueno Station and take a Tohoku Shinkansen. (6 min)
                       *If you buy a non-reserved ticket, you may have to stand up in a car when all non-reserved
                         seats are already taken at Tokyo Station.

                             Narita Airport
                             Narita Express

              from JR Tokyo Station

                  Tohoku Shinkansen superexpress train connects Tokyo Station and Sendai Station. (see from Sendai Station)
                  There are three kinds of shinkansens which are quite different from one another:
                   "Hayate" train: Travel time is about 1 hour and 40 minutes, Costs about 10,000~11,000 JPY, all reserved-seats
                   "Yamabiko" train: Travel time is about 2 hours and more, Costs about 5,500~11,000 JPY
                   "Max Yamabiko" train: Travel time is about 2.5 hours and more, Cost about 5,500~11,000 JPY

                             JR Tokyo Station map
                             Tohoku Shinkansen Route & maps
                             JR Shinkansen Timetable

              about your Hotel

                   >>ARK HOTEL SENDAI          http://sendai.ark-hotel.co.jp/

                   >> HOTEL BEL AIR SENDAI      http://www.bel-air.co.jp/main.html

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