Eiji Ohtani

Ohtani Laboratory
6-3 Aoba, Aramaki,
Sendai, Miyagi

GCOE Program



  • Born 1950
  • <Education>  
    • >Bachelor of Science (Petrology), Tohoku Univ., 1973
    • >Doctor of Science (Geophysics), Nagoya University, 1978

  • <Research areas>
  • >High pressure geophysics,
  • >Experimental petrology,
    • >Mineral physics,
    • >Comparative planetology,
    • >Structure and evolution of the Earth and planets,
    • >X-ray diffraction at high pressure and
    • temperature using synchrotron radiation,
    • >Metal-silicate partitioning and core formation of the planet,
    • >High pressure synthesis and kinetics of the high pressure minerals,
    • >Stability of dense hydrous silicate phases at high pressure and temperature and effect of water on mantle dynamics

# What's New!

Professor Eiji Ohtani, graduate school student Shin Ozawa and research fellow Masaaki Miyahara (Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University) found a high-pressure polymorph of SiO2, coesite and stishovite in a lunar meteorite.The study is published in a scientific journal “Proceedings for National Academy of Science (PNAS)” on December 27, 2010. PNAS assign our article for research highlight as one of the most interesting article in the volume           (2010.12.28)