Motohiko Murakami | Department of Earth and Planetary Materials Science, Tohoku University

News & Research Highlights

2/7, 2016
New publication
Mashino, Murakami & Ohtani, Journal of Geophysical Research (2016)

9/11, 2015
Commendation from JSPS
6/25, 2015
Invited talk at Bayerisches Geoinstitut, University of Bayreuth

3/30, 2015
Invited talk at Geophysical lab., Carnegie Institution of Washington

3/27, 2015
New publication
Murakami, The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology (2015)

11/11, 2014
New publication
Murakami et al. Nature Communications (2014)
[press release in Japanese]

8/6-8, 2014
Invited talk at SEDI2014

3/26, 2014
Invited talk at 39th Seminar for High-Pressure Science and Technology

2/26, 2014
Dr. John Sandercock (JRS)>photos

1/11, 2014
Invited talk at Joint Symposium on the 26th Annual Meeting of Japan SynchrotronRadiation Society and Synchrotron Radiation Science